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Kiarra Lynn Smith, Aloe

Please Note, We Are Currently Reviewing Submissions for 2019 Publication. 

Ground Fresh Thursday (online) and GFT Presents: One in Four (Print) are on a publishing hiatus. We are keeping submissions open, though, and we are excited about continuing to review and accept work in anticipation of 2019 publication. We will also still be conducting our annual chapbook contest, which will open for submissions this spring
. Please feel free to email any questions directly to our editor-in-chief at [email protected].

Submissions: Please Review This Entire Section (Yes, we know it’s a lot)


Whether it's a journey through our priceless existence, a struggle to achieve personal contentment, a heart-wrenching brush with defeat, an intelligent observation on humanity, a deep desire for your voice to be heard, stirring inspiration, or just pure entertainment, we want it and will strive to share it.

We want your best, most remarkable, polished work.

We publish new material online the first Thursday of the month bimonthly (Ground Fresh Thursday) and in print semiannually (GFT Presents: One in Four). 

  • Poetry: Up to 5 poems per submission.
  • Flash Fiction: Up to 1000 words.
  • Creative Nonfiction: We are flexible on the nonfiction word count, but we prefer less than 2000 words.
  • Interviews: For the most part, we are looking for interviews that directly relate to literature, art, and/or mental health. If you have an interview that you are unsure is a proper fit, please query [email protected] prior to submitting.
  • Visual Art: Almost anything. We are cool with photography, paintings, sketches, collages, etc. If you tell us it’s art, we’ll try and take your word for it and be objective. Hey, some of your work might even be selected as header and/or homepage art for our site! Artists whose work is accepted for online publication will be given an artist page with a gallery of their selected work. Artists who have a piece accepted for print publication will have that piece utilized on the front and/or back cover of our print journal, GFT Presents: One in Four. You are permitted to submit up to 7 pieces of visual art. 

You may also be wondering what we don’t want. Well, we really don’t dig the wildly graphic, overtly obscene stuff—nothing that would be considered pornographic. No disrespect to the folks who are into creating that kind of art and literature, but it just ain’t our bag at GFT Press.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Please send no more than one complete submission per category at any one time. We’re totally fine with submissions in multiple categories, just don’t send two or three pieces of flash fiction and three separate poetry submissions all at once. Seriously, just stick to the rules listed for each category.
  • Multiple file uploads are permitted for visual art submissions only. For all poetry and prose submissions, please upload your submission in a single document. You must also complete separate submissions for each categorydo not combine your submissions. For visual art submissions, we accept jpg, gif, tiff, and png. For prose and poetry submissions, we prefer doc or docx, but you can also send pdf, rtf, and txt files.
  • If accepted for publication, please wait at least 6 months before submitting again. If your submission is declined, please wait at least 30 days before submitting again. Although, there are cases where we may request to see additional work right away.
  • Please double-space your prose and single-space your poetry. 
  • We will usually respond to General Submissions within five to six months.
  • Simultaneous submissions are cool, but please let us know immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. Depending on which category you have submitted in, either go into Submittable and withdraw the entire piece or go to your submission and add a note stating which particular part of your submission is no longer available.
  • Submissions will ONLY be accepted through Submittable.
  • Please include a third-person bio with your submission. If submitting visual art, please feel free to also include an artist statement. We do not necessarily want a laundry list of all of the publications your work has appeared in. As a matter of fact, we don’t even care if you have any publications to list or not. We like the personal, the intimate, the remarkable—we want readers to know who YOU are—and if you wish, you can still include some brief academic and publishing glories. In addition, we would love for you to include your personal social media and website links. Please try and keep bios and artist statements under 100 words each. GFT Press reserves the right to edit bios, but we will only do so when absolutely necessary.
  • At present, we will be reading submissions year-round for both the print journal and the website. If this ever changes, we will alert our community immediately.

We DO NOT charge any submission or reading fees, but we do give you the opportunity to support the GFT Press mission with an inexpensive donation option. Seriously, the donation option is probably cheaper than if you were to submit to a publication via USPS. How cheap? Well, 3 bucks. You will also receive a response to your submission within 14 business days! (Our business days are Monday through Friday.) We hope that you will choose to support GFT Press with a donation. The focus here at GFT Press is not only to share remarkable work with the world but also to benefit charity through doing so. We are fighting to be as frugal as possible, and it is all volunteer work. We are not funded by a university, we are not going to do any fundraising auctions, and we sure as heck ain't sellin' cookies. We appreciate all those who choose to submit their work to us, but hopefully you will do so because you truly believe in our worthwhile mission.

When you go into Submittable, you will also see options for things like 7-Day Response + One-year Subscription to Print Journal, 3-Day Response + GFT Press Big Love Donation, etc. The $10 donation option is a more powerful way to support the GFT Press mission, and you will receive a response to your submission within 3 business days! Of course, subscribing to the semiannual GFT Press journal, GFT Presents: One in Four, is a very much appreciated way of supporting the GFT Press mission, too. As a bonus, current print journal subscribers automatically receive a 7-day response on all submissions! (Make sure to submit in the Current Print Journal Subscriber category if you are already subscribed to GFT Presents: One in Four. Your subscription status will be verified by GFT Press.)

Just to be fair, subscriptions to GFT Presents: One in Four and donations to GFT Press will not assure any submitter a higher chance of acceptance, but we will be unbelievably grateful.

We will provide U.S. print contributors one free copy of the issue in which their work appears—print contributors who are also current subscribers can still choose to receive a free copy of the issue in which their work appears, or they can opt for a partial-year extension to their subscription if their work appears in an issue that is released during their active subscription period. Print contributors living outside of the U.S. will be responsible for shipping expenses and will receive an email from [email protected] with the details after acceptance. 

Upon acceptance, GFT Press acquires first-time North American rights and the right to reprint in print and electronic formats. After publication, all other rights revert to the author/artist. The work may be reprinted elsewhere, but we ask that an appropriate acknowledgement to GFT Press, Ground Fresh Thursday, and/or GFT Presents: One in Four is made. 

Very rarely will GFT Press accept previously published work, and a query must be made to [email protected] prior to the submission of any previously published material. GFT Press considers published work as work published in print in North America or in electronic form on public websites, e-zines, e-journals, academic websites, etc. Work previously posted to personal blogs, personal websites, and personal social media accounts is permitted, but we request that the author/artist remove the work prior to submitting it for publication on the GFT Press website or in the GFT Press journal, GFT Presents: One in Four.

By submitting to GFT Press, you are also agreeing to receive occasional email communications from us, which can be unsubscribed from at any time by following the link in the email.

Okay, if you made it through all of that, yay! If you are ready to submit, please click below! Submit your best work. We can’t wait to check it out.