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Sara Whitestone, Elizabeth Furnace, VA

Sara Whitestone

States of Mind
A Creative Nonfiction Series

New Jersey


Washington, D.C.

North Carolina

(W/ Rachel Lee White)


Sara Whitestone is a novelist-in-progress, an essayist-in-practice, and an un-tortured-poet-in-process. In exchange for coaching in creativity, Whitestone’s diverse students introduce her to the mysteries of the world. Whitestone has presented workshops at Chautauqua, Johns Hopkins, and other venues where external beauty and internal words merge. Whitestone is a contributing editor at GFT Press, and her works have appeared either in print or online in The Portland Review, Word Riot, The Piedmont VirginianLiterary Traveler, SLAB, and many others. Whitestone’s current project is a fictional autobiography titled Counting to 100. To learn more about Whitestone’s inner and outer adventures, visit

*Author’s Note:

Several years ago as I was driving across the country, I began writing pieces that had to do with the states I was moving through and my thoughts toward what I had experienced in them. This developed into a series of essays that I call States of Mind.