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Donna Vaux, Cabbage Patch

Brad Garber
Dancer in the Sand, Braids, Fossil Stream

Brad Garber has shown his drawings, photographs, mixed media, and paintings in the Portland and Lake Oswego, Oregon, area since 1997. His art and photographs made it onto the front cover the 2014 Vine Leaves Literary Journal anthology and have been published in Gravel Magazine, Off the Coast, Writers Tribe Review, Quail Bell, Four Ties Literary Review, Two Cities Review, Cargo Literary, Poor Yorick Journal, The Grief Diaries, Livid Squid, The Tishman Review, Crab Fat Literary Magazine, and many others.

Donna Vaux
Ol' Truck, Garden Stars, Lace Fit for a Queen

Donna Vaux loves looking through a camera lens, be it up close and personal or at a distance. Maybe just catching a different perspective has fascinated this photographer. She loves the natural world around us and sees good things through the lens—it protects, and it draws us into seeing the world in a different way. Donna is a woman, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and human being who wishes good things for all lives.

Joanne Emery
Four Square, Clockwork, Five Buttons

Joanne Emery is a teacher, poet, and artist. She has a master’s degree in creative arts education and has done extensive doctoral work at the University of Pennsylvania. Joanne was an original member of Judy Chicago’s Birth Project, and her quilt is on permanent exhibit at the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History. She has exhibited her award-winning photography throughout the United States including the Salmagundi Gallery in New York City and the San Diego Art Institute. Joanne enjoys ice-skating, martial arts, hiking, and traveling extensively throughout the United States and Canada.