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Teresa Sites

Fabrice Poussin
From a Pike, Reflection of a Dream, Homage to Knights, Beyond, Homage to the Tree

Fabrice Poussin is an assistant professor of French and English at Shorter University in Rome, Georgia. Author of novels and poetry, his work has appeared in France at La Pensee Universelle and in the United States in Kestrel and Symposium. His photography work has also been published in Kestrel.

William C. Crawford
Forensic Foraging: A Crawdaddy Shoot Out

William C. Crawford (Crawdaddy) is a writer & photographer living in Winston-Salem, NC. He was a combat photojournalist in Vietnam. He later enjoyed a long career in social work. Crawdaddy also taught at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He photographs the trite, trivial, and mundane. Crawford developed the forensic foraging technique of photography with his colleague Jim Provencher. His photos presented here embody this approach. They feature extensive shooting of everything encountered. The images are then selectively presented with heavy contrast and saturation. The genre uses minimal computer manipulation. For decades, Crawdaddy's writing focused on hard hitting editorials on behalf of the powerless. His written advocacy tracked his long career in social work. More recently, he has branched out into fiction and memoirs. His first book is due out May 2016. The working title is Just Like Sunday On The Farm: Crawdaddy Remembers The Nam After 50 Years.

Louis Staeble
One Behind, Fog, Place, Finitesimal, Sedate

Louis Staeble lives in Bowling Green, Ohio. His photographs have appeared in Agave, Blinders Journal, Blue Hour, Digital Papercut, Elsewhere Magazine, Fifth Wednesday Journal, Four Ties Literary Review, Inklette Magazine, Microfiction Monday, Paper Tape Magazine, Qwerty, Revolution John, Rose Red Review, Sonder Review, Timber Journal, Tishman Review, and Your Impossible Voice. His web page can be viewed at