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Sara Whitestone, December Sunset

Creative Nonfiction

Juan Zapata
"International Half-breed"

Juan Zapata is a student at Alabama A&M University on a full scholarship. He currently studies criminal justice and endeavors to join a federal agency in the future. If possible, one day, he would like to become a novelist—one that can buy wings twice a week without grimacing when the bill lands. When he is not writing or working, Juan dreams incessantly of becoming a Jedi. Help him build a Twitter empire: @ZapataThe1.


w/ Ruth F. Hunt

Ruth F. Hunt once again dives into the ocean of art and mental health. This time with the multi-talented illustrator, cartoonist, and author Garry Vaux. Ruth and Garry not only delve into Garry's career but also discuss things such as Garry's personal mental health journey and how he sees and operates his creative world within it. 

w/ Jack Daniel Miles

Jack Daniel Miles does a brief q&a with Neil of the eccentric, off the wall, comedic dance-pop duo Koo Koo Kanga Roo, whose new album, The Triangle of Success: A Motivational, Inspirational Audio Guide to Achieving Your Dreams, just dropped a few weeks ago.