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Victor Hayes

Jennifer Lothrigel 
Poetry - "Ominous Hollow"

Jennifer Lothrigel is a poet and artist residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her work has been published in Trivia - Voices of Feminism, Narrative Northeast, Poetry Quarterly, The Tishman Review, Corvus Review, Bitter Oleander, and elsewhere.

Patri Wright
Poetry - "Lighthouse"

Patri Wright has been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize. His poems have been published in several magazines, including Poetry London, Agenda, and Iota. He teaches Creative Writing at The Open University.

Kevin McCoy
Poetry - "anne's song"

Kevin McCoy's works have appeared in Forge, Wisconsin Review, Crate, Natural Bridge, and several other journals. His poetry collection, Tea in a Bowl, was published by Unsolicited Press in January 2015. 

Lucinda Marshall
Poetry - "Furies on an Airless Night," "Tea Drinking Before Eulogy" 

Lucinda Marshall is a writer, artist, and activist. Her recent poetry publications include Sediments, One Sentence Poems, Stepping Stones Magazine, Columbia Journal, Poetica Magazine, and ISLE. Her poem, "The Lilies Were In Bloom" received an honorable mention in Waterline Writers' "Artists as Visionaries Climate Crisis Solutions." She is also the author of numerous published essays and blogs at Reclaiming Medusa, Lucinda lives in a far exurb of Washington, D.C., where she is a connection maker and dystopic optimist. She co-facilitates the Gaithersburg Teen Writing Club and is a member of the Maryland Writers’ Association and Women, Action, and the Media.

Elizeya Quate
Flash Fiction - "Our Name Gets Weepy" 

Elizeya Quate's first book, The Face of Our Town (KERNPUNKT Press, 2016) recently achieved a #1 Amazon Bestseller rank, once again proving that no equivalencies are themselves equal to each other. @elizeyaquate

Eli T. Mond
Poetry - "Reason to Remember"

Eli T. Mond is the pen name of David Davis, an English major at the University of Michigan–Dearborn. He is the founder and chief editor of The Ibis Head Review, a poetry webzine. He has been an avid creative writer ever since junior high, mainly working with poetry. However, he occasionally writes fiction, as well. He's had poetry published in two issues of Lyceum and the July 2016 issue of Sick Lit Magazine.

Kimberly Kenna
Poetry - "Spirit's Stream"

Kimberly Kenna lives and plays (with words and her two bunnies) on the Connecticut coast where stories rise and fall with the tide, though her own aren’t nearly as predictable. Her creative writing has been featured or is forthcoming in East Meets West American Writers Review and Rubbertop Review. Her full-length play received a staged reading at the Dramatists Guild in New York City.