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2018 GFT Press Chapbook Contest


Congratulations to 2017 winner Kristin LaFollette! We are very excited to have the opportunity to publish her grand prize winning manuscript, Body Parts. And, of course, our most sincere thanks to all of those who entered our annual chapbook contest in 2017. Your support means the world to us. Hope to see you all again this year!


Deadline: July 31st


Grand Prize: $200.00, publication, 25 contributor copies, and a copy of Kristin LaFollette's GFT Press chapbook, Body Parts

Please Read the Contest & Submission Guidelines Carefully

What we are looking for: We want clean, coherent, well-written, creative, cohesive manuscripts that strike hard and are relentless. We want to feel what you felt when you were creating your work. If you choose to submit work that is grisly and biting, it must have a grace and beauty to it. If you submit work that is beautiful, make sure that it is not simply beautiful for beauty's sake alone. Show us that you respect your work and that you understand your craft. We do not want clichés or pseudo-cleverness. We do not want manuscripts that are defined only by the words on the page. We crave manuscripts that captivate us, surprise us, draw us in, and leave an indelible impression deep within us. 

Submission Guidelines: 

This contest is open to unpublished English language poetry manuscripts of up to 20 pages (page count is for total pages of poetry) from new, emerging, and established writers. Manuscripts that have been self-published are not eligible. It is okay if individual pieces within the manuscript have been published elsewhere, but you must include an acknowledgements page within your manuscript. Simultaneous submissions will be accepted, but please keep in mind that the contest entry fee is non-refundable, and the simultaneous submission must be withdrawn through Submittable immediately if accepted elsewhere. Multiple submissions are also accepted, but each will require their own entry fee. Please DO NOT include any artwork with your submission. Cover art will be discussed with the grand prize winner prior to publication. Please include a title page, table of contents, acknowledgements page (if necessary), dedication (if desired), and a cover letter (these items do not count against page count), but DO NOT include any identifying personal information within your manuscript or within the manuscript file name. Authors related to, or who have a close personal relationship with, anyone working or volunteering with or for GFT Press are not eligible. Current and previous GFT Press contributors are welcome to submit manuscripts. Any submitters failing to follow contest guidelines and/or submission guidelines will have their manuscript immediately withdrawn from consideration. The entry fee for the 2018 GFT Press Chapbook Contest is only $12. If you are a current subscriber to our print journal, GFT Presents: One in Four, your entry fee is only $9. You have the option in Submittable to enter the contest and subscribe to the journal simultaneously, as well.


The winner will be contacted by email and announced on or before October 1st. Contest prizes will be awarded upon publication. All manuscripts must be submitted electronically through Submittable (no exceptions will be made to this rule). All submissions will be considered for publication by GFT Press. GFT Press reserves the right to continue to sell, reprint, and publish selected manuscripts, and individual works contained within, in both electronic and printed forms. By submitting your manuscript to the 2018 GFT Press Chapbook Contest you are acknowledging that you have read the contest and submission rules and guidelines and agree to all terms and conditions therein.