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Victor Hayes

Kenneth Pobo
Poetry - "Days of 1966," "Oh Beautiful for Spacious" 

New book: Booking Rooms in the Kuiper Belt, Urban Farmhouse Press, 2015. New blossoms: penstemons. New sounds: The Monkees' Good Times CD. New nausea: Donald Trump. New purchase: 2 albums for 2 bucks each by Andy Williams.

Michael Duke
Poetry - "The Shallows"

Michael lives in New Jersey and works at Audible where he gets free food and books. He lives for soccer, raisins, and cleaning his room while listening to bachata music. He's currently working on writing daily and not waiting to tell people what he likes about them. You can read more of his stuff at

Allie Long
Poetry - "A Fugue"

Allie Long is an economics and English major at the University of Virginia. Her poetry appears in Hooligan Magazine, Vagabond City Literary Journal, The Rising Phoenix Review, and Bird's Thumb. Thankfully, none of these is about the economy. When she’s not writing, she can be found playing the piano or reading Star Wars books. She will never let go of the Expanded Universe. Her hometown is in North Carolina.

Trevor Abbud
Flash Fiction - "Goodbye Rose"

Trevor Abbud is a first-time author writing speculative fiction. Developing a taste for literature as a young child, Abbud took a serious interest in writing. His short stories have been published by and Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal. Working as an at-home writer, Abbud is currently developing a collection of short stories.

Jenn Strife Gibbs
Poetry - "Spring Cleaning"

Jenn Strife Gibbs recently graduated from the University of Tennessee with her M.F.A. in poetry. Last year, she participated in the Ashbery Home School Conference and was named a finalist in Sequestrum’s New Writer Awards. She lives in Knoxville, TN with her husband and two yorkies. 

Ani Keaten
Poetry - "N.A.M.I"

Ani Keaten is a poet grown in the desert mountains of Idaho. She writes about daily life.