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Donna Vaux, Pond

Jed Williams
3 Really Freaked Out People Enjoying Themselves Immensely, Flying Spirit, The Waiting Room

Jed Williams was born in Philadelphia, USA, in 1975 and brought up in Paris, France. He graduated from the University of the Arts (BFA in painting and drawing, 2000) and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (certificate in painting, 2005) and has been exhibiting his work in various venues ever since. Since 2010, Jed also own/runs Jed Williams Gallery, a contemporary fine arts venue showcasing local emerging and mid-career artists. Jed works on his images in different kinds of media: oil paint, acrylic, mixed media. His art stems from a wish to blend a more formalist, expressionistic abstract tradition with a conceptual quest nourished by his interest in the human figure, pop, mythological culture, different forms of spirituality, and a dose of whimsy and street art. Jed's images stem from intense inner turmoil and wonder expressing itself in his fascination with certain objects, images, and symbols, which he observes and works from. The objects, images, and symbols he chooses to work from possess “loaded” meanings as well as symbolic societal and cultural connotations.

Michael St.Germain
Painted Photographs & Spray Paint and Acrylic on Paper

Michael has been drawing, painting, and making objects for over 25 years. If he had to imagine an ideal viewer for his work, it would be a person who appreciates Dutch still life, classical sculpture, dry humor, graphic novels, and the creativity manifest at the birth of punk music.

Teresa Sites is an MFA graduate from George Washington University, and her artwork has recently been featured on ARTSLANT’s Under the Radar. Teresa's artwork explores a sense of visual rhythm in everyday life due to her interest in re-contextualizing and sublimating our everyday surroundings in terms of the poetry of music. In each series on her website, she approaches this theme differently. Green considers how we exist within complex, rhythmic, and musical environments. Primarily, these environments feature repetition and pattern. Pattern, as principle of art, corresponds to music as each repeated element is a visual metaphor for rhythms and beats.